Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Our expert Graphic Design department will help you create the right message for your Direct Marketing Campaign, corporate indentity, signage, posters, wraps or other project. Customer service and attention to quality is our goal.

Design for Mail

With Postal Service rules and regulations becoming ever more complex, experience with mailing is a must when designing a mail piece. We have the experience to design an attractive, attention-getting mail piece that meets postal regulations.

Desktop Publishing

PrintMail Pros transforms your creative message into a newsletter, brochure, direct mail piece or other media. We have a wide variety of major desktop publishing tools available for scanning, typesetting, illustration and color separation. With our state-of-the-art programs, we can design your project with flexibility and high quality. Provide us with your electronic files or we can create files for you.

Data Typography

We specialize in extracting data from databases to prepare useful presentations. Just a few examples include: price lists, employee benefits reports, health care doctor directories and municipal train/bus schedules. We are experts at organizing, structuring, typesetting and printing raw data. Frequently, this requires special programs to extract the data from the database and systematically formatting the data to achieve an understandable and attractive presentation.